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Want more qualified new patients? Don’t just wait for them to call or click. Through live events & more, NLF Marketing promotes your chiropractic office out in the real world, where your audience lives!

Natural Living Foundation - Chiropractors Helping Humanity

“Chiropractors Helping Humanity”

We’ve onboarded over 20,000 new patients for Chiropractors in Colorado. Discover how we can help your practice too.

Connect to the Community to Grow Your Practice!

Through NLF’s live events, we’re not just connected to the Denver community, we’re embedded. While other robotic marketers come and go, Natural Living continues our steady growth in Colorado, since 2005.

More importantly, NLF Chiropractors continue to grow, thanks in part to their membership in NLF.

Our experience and insights in the Chiropractic field makes us a “natural” to understand, match, qualify & deliver new Patients to our team of NLF Chiropractors.

In today’s world of automated emails, chatbots & voicemail, NLF stands out from the rest with our live events, supported by our digital marketing and advertising. Bottom line: To build personal trust with prospects, there’s nothing like personal contact.

That’s why NLF continues to invest heavily in face-to-face marketing at live events that are within close proximity to our NLF Chiropractors’ offices. Plus, we started our own event production company to create & host innovative events of our very own, reaching thousands of people to spread the good word about Chiropractic’s natural health benefits, in support of Chiropractors like you.

Our digital marketing & advertising supports our live event marketing strategy, to match reputable Chiropractors with high-value Patients throughout the Denver area.

Denver Colorado

Over 20 Years of Marketing, Screening & New Patient Onboarding

Why do it on your own, when you’ve got NLF here to help you reach more people for less? Plus, we qualify them too! Grow your practice the smart way, with a combination of marketing & screening superpowers that only NLF can deliver for you!

We deploy Chiropractic Marketing Superpowers throughout the Denver area to find, screen & connect people to your practice.

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